Data Mover Service

Data Mover Service

The Data Mover enables users of the Fenix Infrastructure to move their data between Active Data Repositories and Archival Data Repositories in a secure, programmable and scalable manner. The underlying software is called nodeum and is developed by MT-C. The Data Mover Service offers users a simple yet rich connection between HPC file systems and the cloud object storage at the respective Fenix site. The service is integrated into SLURM and authentication is done using the central Fenix AAI.


At JSC the Data Mover Service is available to all users on JUDAC, documentation:

Other sites are currently testing and evaluating the service and will make it available for users in the near future; information about the service entering production at additional Fenix sites will be published here.

More information:

You will find further information in the Recording of 19th Fenix webinar ”Fenix Data Services: Data Mover and Data Transfer Service” and in the Fenix news item “The Data Mover Service enters production”.

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