Communities and Users


Service-oriented provisioning of computing and storage resources within Fenix aims to support science communities that develop, deploy and operate domain specific platform services. These services run on top of the Fenix infrastructure services. The Human Brain Project is the prime and lead user community. Other science and engineering communities are provided access through PRACE. The review process of resource requests is designed according to the peer review principles that have been established by PRACE, including a technical and a scienti¬≠fic review. Information on open PRACE calls is displayed in the News Section. The allocation mechanism for HBP is described in the flyer for HBP users.  More information about access to the resources can be found on the Fenix Access page.


Overview of the Fenix infrastructure

For further information, download the Fenix Infrastructure overview document in PDF. This file comprises an overview of HBP users as of March 2019.

Fenix Usage Agreement

This Fenix Usage Agreement applies to any person that requested access to the Fenix Infrastructure Services and who is in the following called Fenix User. For more information see the PDF below. The file comprises the Fenix Usage Agreement as of March 2020.

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